Sonia Arribas, Howard Rouse: Egocracy

Howard Rouse, Sonia Arribas

Marx, Freud and Lacan

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Marx, Freud and Lacan

This book tries to bring together the work of Marx, Freud and Lacan. It does this not by enumerating what might stereotypically be considered to be the central theses of these authors and then proceeding to combine them – a method that is inevitably doomed to failure – but instead by confronting each one of their oeuvres with what might best be described as its extimate core. The work of Marx is confronted with a problematic that implicitly, and at times even explicitly, runs throughout it: that of the splitting, dividing and doubling (or, perhaps better, knotting) of the (proletarian) subject. The work of Freud is confronted – following on from this analysis of Marx – with the hidden social and historical determination of its own most revolutionary insight, that »the nucleus of the ego is unconscious«; and this social and historical determination itself in turn allows for a reinscription of the three fundamental categories of Lacanian psychoanalysis: the symbolic, the imaginary and the real.

  • Marxismus
  • Karl Marx
  • Psychoanalyse
  • Jacques Lacan
  • Sigmund Freud

»The subject of psychoanalysis or, in other words, the subject of the unconscious – at least in its most acute form – is none other than the subject of capitalism.«

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Sonia Arribas

Sonia Arribas

ist Professorin für politische Philosopie an der Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.

Howard Rouse

Howard Rouse

hat einen Ph.D. in Philosophie der Universität Essex. Er ist Mitglied der Sección Clinica am Institut du Champs freudien, Barcelona.

»Das Subjekt der Psychoanalyse oder, mit anderen Worten, das Subjekt des Unbewussten ist – zumindest in seiner akutesten Form – kein anderes als das Subjekt des Kapitalismus.«