The Storming of the Winter Palace

06.04.2018 - 06.06.2018
Muzeum Sztuki – ms1, Więckowskiego 36, 90-001 Łódź

As part of the project, an analysis of the image of the famous attack on the Winter Palace, and how it functions in the consciousness of an average person, will be made. Contrary to the common belief, this image does not reflect a historical event but its theatrical staging. In 1920, to celebrate the third anniversary of the October Revolution, the Russian director and theoretician – Nikolai Evreinov – was asked to recreate the storming of the Winter Palace, and the photograph presenting the moment became a "historical" document. The Storming of the Winter Palace is an exhibition whose fundamental theme is the very phenomenon of using fiction to represent historical events. The documents gathered and the works of artists included in the exhibition serve to study the influence of fiction and reproduction on the understanding of history and remembrance.


Curated by: Inke Arns and Sylvia Sasse

Inke Arns (Hg.), Igor Chubarov (Hg.), ...: Nikolai Evreinov: »The Storming of the Winter Palace«

In 1920, the third anniversary of the October Revolution, The Storming of the Winter Palace was performed with a cast of 10,000. But as a reenactment this mass spectacle, directed by Nikolai Evreinov, was deceptive. It was intended to recall something—the storming of the Winter Palace as the beginning of the revolution—that it itself produced as a theatrical medium. This volume reconstructs the event with texts, photographs, and drawings, and shows how not only in the Soviet Union did the photograph of the theatrical “storming” become a historical document of the October Revolution.